Guys Night Out!

This coming weekend, it’s finally gonna be time to let loose and have some fun.  But this time out, the girls will have to stay home.  It’s time for the boys to hit the town!

Guy's Night Out 1

What’s it going to be tonight?  Hit your favorite bar?  Maybe a nightclub?  Bowling?  Or start the whole thing with dinner, it’s your call, your night.  We all know there’s no shortage of awesome places to hang out in San Francisco, but if you’re having trouble deciding, here are a few to consider:

The secret San Francisco night life

Best dance clubs in San Francisco

The best new restaurants and bars in San Francisco

Where to BOWL in San Francisco


Once you’ve picked your destinations and have your plans in place, gather up the boys and let the girls know they aren’t joining you this time.  Once all that has been decided, you need to think about transportation.  You have several options of course, depending on where you’re headed.  You can drive yourselves, you can take a taxi, maybe BART, a bus, trolley or even a cable car.  And then there’s always the “amateur” car services with the silly names…


There are pluses and minuses with all of the above choices. None of them are particularly comfortable or stylish.  Some will accommodate a lot of passengers, some won’t.  Some are very reliable and timely, some not so much.  But, tonight is the big night, and you all want to hang out and travel together.  And you want to do it in a way that’s fun. With that in mind, your best option is a limousine or luxury SUV!


That’s the only way to go tonight. Stylish, classy, and reliable.  Sit back and enjoy the ride, while your professional chauffeur takes care of the navigation, traffic and parking. And a big bonus… no worries about drinking and driving, and you’ll have one car, with one driver the entire night. No waiting around for a cab or “soccer mom” car service to show up.

Guy's Night Out 2

So if all this sounds good to you, talk to your buddies, then check out our San Francisco limousine fleet.  You can also give us a call, we’re available 24/7 365 ready to assist you in choosing the perfect limousine.  And of course, what happens in the limo on guys night out, stays in the limo.

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Less Airport Stress?

If you live in San Francisco, you know there are lot’s of ways to get to the Bay Area airports.  You also know that it’s not exactly the most enjoyable activity you can do.  So let’s start with your transportation options…


(1) drive your own car

(2) take a cab

(3) ride the bus

(4) use an “amateur” car service

(5) ?  We’ll get to that option in a minute, but first…


Driving yourself will most likely be the first option you consider.  But unless you really enjoy heavy traffic and parking hassles (and the expense involved), then this is probably not going to be your best choice.  It works, but you’ll be a frazzled mess by the time you get there.


What about a taxi?

Sure, taxis are everywhere, and will usually get you where you’re going. But will they be there on time?  And what kind of driver will be behind the wheel?  An angry one who has been up all night and takes the long way there to increase the fare?  Maybe a new one who doesn’t have a clue about the best routes? Not exactly the least stressful way to start the day.


So how about the bus?  Yeah, that could work, provided it’s on schedule, and provided you allow yourself enough time to make it there with all the stops. It’s cheap, but it’s certainly not the most relaxing, timely or comfortable option.


So what about the amateur car service?  OK… you’re looking at roughly the same gamble on reliability and driver knowledge as you would going with a cab.  Sure, you could get a good driver… or not.  And maybe you won’t have to direct them every step of the way.  Maybe they won’t be staring at their GPS the whole ride and not speaking.  And maybe you will get there on time?  There’s a reason why the price is cheap.


OK, so onto option 5.  And yes, we know you’ve probably already figured it out, since this is a limousine company blog. But really… think about it.  We’ve been in this business for a long time, which means we know all about getting to and from the San Francisco area airports.  We are professionals.  We will show up on time, we will take the most efficient routes (and we don’t need to stare at our GPS to do that), and your ride will be a relaxing and quiet one.


The only thing we can’t really help you make better are the lines at the security checkpoints, but at least we’ll get you there relaxed, and ready to deal with what SFO throws your way.  And when you return, we’re happy to pick you up and take you back home too.

So check out our San Francisco limousine fleet page, or give us a call. We’re here all day, every day, ready to help get you where you’re going.  Start with our free airport transportation price quote.  Our affordable rates may surprise you.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy your trip!

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